Should You Consult With an Expert When Dealing With Pest Deer?

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It is clearly seen that deer have become a serious issue in terms of crop or garden damage in some specific large areas in the north of the country. However, it is not necessary to be too worried. There are lots of simple tips you should know before trying to eliminate pests, especially deer, which are wild life animals. 


Besides buying any strong deer repellent from your local hardware store and reading the instruction on its use you are going to need one more extremely important thing in order to have some decent results after the first run - experience. Nevertheless, experience cannot be sold or purchased. So, do you consider necessary to consult with a wildlife management professional before trying to get rid of the uninvited deer guests that tend to visit your property from time to time?


Before saying anything else we are going to introduce you to some basic management practices that we know about. There are a few general techniques of preventing and controlling deer damage to crops. These usually are: exclusion, some cultural methods, scare devices, repellents and culling or harvest. While some of these can be easily done on your own and are extremely time consuming, others need the advice and monitoring of a professional pest exterminator and we are going to explain that in a minute.


Before attempting to do anything in order to force deer stay away from your garden there are some important things that you need to take into consideration. Just because deer are protected by laws in most of the states, we strongly suggest that you contact the specific natural resource or wildlife management group in your area. You should carefully read and understand all your state's wildlife regulations before implementing any deer control methods. Some states have specific programs for technical assistance or to compensate for deer damage while other may have strict laws for any type of deer pest management activities. So please be careful. You need to keep current with the state laws and regulations in order not to get into any kind of trouble. Most of them can change from year to year so be attentive.


With that being said we would like to mention one more time that we do insist that you ask or consult an expert or a wildlife management professional before dealing with deer pest. This is very important because you are going to be provided with useful advice in your deer control activities and also be told about what is allowed and what is not by the regulations of the state you are living in.


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This is all that we wanted to share with you about deer pest control. Do not attempt to use any homemade deer repellent before you check the laws of your state. You might get into trouble. If you want more information feel free to visit our website.

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Should You Consult With an Expert When Dealing With Pest Deer?

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This article was published on 2010/05/18