Monkeys help deer but not with live in corporate

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A troop of monkeys when move from one region to other, they cut, break and pluck leaves, fruits and branches of trees.  The damage of the canopy cover would be more than what they need as their food.  Why do monkeys cause such damage?  If they damage the forest in which they exist, is not such an act is self destructive.  Do any animal in the course of evolution except man can afford to do such a destructive act. 


The behaviour or the so called destructive phenomena of monkeys may have a much deeper social/evolutionary need. Let there be any deeper social meaning monkeys may have, what way such behaviour is relevant to corporate?  


Monkeys are social animals which largely live in groups.  Generally they prefer to be on top canopy of trees and come down to land only rarely to drink water.  Hence, they cut leaves, fruits and branches of trees more than what they need is only to provide to the animals such as deer in the lower storey.  Although monkeys may not have opted to do so with charity intent in mind but they would have felt the need for an ‘extra social security' that is been offered by deer. 


Any predator in general would prefer to target the deer than monkey as its prey.  Hunting a monkey may demand greater energy expenditure and such expenditure would never get justified by the size of the catch?  The predator can possibly have the choice of deer only when the deer is around along with the monkey troop.  Monkey troop wants to keep the heard of deer keep following the troop.  It has to tip the deer to be always available for its protection. 


From the evolutionary point of view, monkeys are well protected when compared to deer.  Monkeys are arboreal animals; they can easily climb trees and escape.  Further, monkeys being situated on the top branches of the trees can see the danger much before any other animals on the ground.   Body size of the monkeys also never would make them a very favorite prey for predators. 


Usually the people who seek protection in corporate are only those who are relatively well protected in terms of salary, recognition and the power they enjoy.  Such people will also be occupying higher positions in the organization.  They offer several small incentives and perks to the people below them so as to keep them as prey to offer to their predator when required.  Like how monkeys damage the forest cover for a herd of a deer, these people even speak loud and clear as to ensure that they exist for their subordinates.  The deer in the lower storey of corporate should know that receiving any such rewards are nothing but getting ready for self immolation for the sake of their bosses.  


Men in corporate are just an advanced or revised version of monkeys in forest, hence such display of charity and philanthropy never should be misunderstood.


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Monkeys help deer but not with live in corporate

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This article was published on 2011/07/15