Deer Hunting Tips – The Humongous-Racked Deer : Rare And Elusive

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As a hunter, I pursued bucks of average size for a long time, but after a while, this became unfulfilling and I exclusively hunted for bucks that could be considered trophies. Let me share some advanced deer hunting tips about the differences between hunting regular deer and true monster bucks.

I had to learn a lot of new tricks as I upped my game to pursue even better bucks, but I communicated with champion deer hunters all over the United States to get the best deer hunting tips possible. I discovered that the deer hunting tactics when after the average deer do not necessarily follow to the hunt for the more elusive, hugely antlered mature bucks. As the years passed, and through a lot of experimentation, I figured out many secret tips necessary to bring down the huge deer.

Is your overall hunting area populated with big bucks? Most very large bucks remain largely unseen. However, don’t just give up on an area simply because other people haven’t seen big bucks there, as they may be missing something. Deer with the large racks that you’re looking for tend to stay in similar types of areas. If you want to have better odds for hunting a rare, giant deer, you need to know where they are. It is a stubborn fact that there are areas which do not have a single truly large buck, much less several of them. However, it is true that there are particular factors which do lead to a higher percentage of giant bucks in an area.

Just ask some people who are in the know in order to find out, once and for all, where the big bucks are in your area. Ask around with all the career hunters and game wardens in your area; even ranchers and farmers can help you, as can feed store owners, to tell you where sightings of big deer have been made, so you may know where to go. Even the local coffee shop or diner can be a place to find information on local deer population. Your objective is to see if there are any large bucks locally, and where most of them have been sighted. Don’t forget that you are seeking out big bucks, not a lot of smaller deer. You won’t get anywhere finding a large population of average sized deer. You’re after a trophy rack. You have some freedom if you haven’t already leased an area, but if you have, learn what areas are best for stands, and where the biggest bucks have been harvested in that area, finding the locations where the largest bucks are seen most often throughout the years. This is a good place to begin. However, you can be led astray with false or outdated information, so make sure you can be as sure as possible of the information.

We hope that you use these deer hunting tips and techniques during deer hunting season to enjoy help you locate the true monster bucks.

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Deer Hunting Tips – The Humongous-Racked Deer : Rare And Elusive

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This article was published on 2010/11/01